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Launching our virtual holidays

For all of us who have a passion for travel, it’s incredibly tough to not be able to have that holiday that you’ve saved for, planned for and dreamt of taking. Despite the Covid-19 travel restrictions, I want to provide a holiday experience that even in lockdown everyone can enjoy right now. 

Holidays play such a large part of our lives, they are escapism from everyday life. I don’t want my customers to miss out and so that’s why I’ve teamed up with renowned hypnotherapist Helen Breward to enable you to travel using the power of your imagination. It really is a powerful experience. 

Below you will find five free downloads which are a form of safe self-hypnosis. All you need to do is dedicate a short time to relax in a quiet and comfortable chair or bed with your eyes closed. Listen to Helen’s soothing words and to be transported away to some wonderful destinations.

The five downloads reflect the most popular kinds of holidays that I book for my clients worldwide - beach holidays, mountain escapes, safari adventures, road trips and a family trip to Disney.


Helen Breward is an internationally renowned hypnotherapist. She regularly tours the world, speaking at hypnotherapy conferences and has trained hundreds of therapists worldwide in her pioneering ”Menopause Relief” method. Helen is author of her Amazon best-seller– ‘My Menopause, My Way’ and co-author of ‘No More Diets! Believe in a healthier, better you’ giving an insight into weight issues & Virtual Gastric Band therapy. You can find more information about her at

Helen says: “Escape is key in our mental self-care. Many forms of our regular escapisms, such as going out to the gym, bars and restaurants, have been taken away from us. That only increases our desire to plan ahead for getaways once lockdown is lifted. The coping process of escapism is common to many people in difficult times, and by wanting to still book a holiday, we are actively engaging in escapism behaviour. This is an easily accessible way to escape.”

So, choose your holiday, sit back and relax and be transported to a holiday of a lifetime. Thanks for travelling with me!

Your choice of holidays:


Disney Adventure


Peaceful Mountains


Splendid Safari


American Road Trip


A Tropical Beach Holiday



Mountain range
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